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Larp: Cady Stanton's Candyland

by Julia Ellingboe and Kat Jones The Cady Stanton is a feminist bookstore in Glenside, PA. Just blocks from Beaver College, The Cady Stanton offers a books from wide range of genres and topics, as well as feminist "eFEMera" for womyn of all ages. We are pleased to present a special Sunday social and presentation by Violet Rae, feminist sexologist extraordinaire. She will bring her box of goodies from Candyland. We're not sure where that actually is, but if Violet Rae has anything to do with it, we're sure it will be a buzz of a good time! Join us for a frank discussion and presentation on March X, 1977. Bring a friend. This is a womyn- only space ...What the poster doesn't tell us is that the Candyland presentation is a "fun party," basically a Tupperware party for sex toys. We will engage in very frank, fun, and positive discussions of sex, sex toys, and how imaginary sex toys function. All characters are women from all walks of life from the 1970s, and players of all genders are welcome and encouraged. This is a sex positive larp and graphic descriptions of all aspects of consensual sex are encouraged, while graphic descriptions of non-consensual sex and sexual abuse are discouraged. We also encourage playing out of one's comfort zone in a positive, healthy manner. Players' level of embarrassment may vary. Adults 18 and older, please.
6 to 12 players