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Larp: Dresden Files: Feuer Regen


A weekend long game in Jim Butcher's Dresden Files universe set in Germany during 1945.


The Thousand-Year Reich stands on the brink of defeat. The once-proud city of Dresden is scarred by Allied bombings and weary of war. Shadows lurk in bombed-out buildings. Scavengers pick amongst rubble-strewn streets, hoping to salvage their possessions. Laborers and office workers queue in the streets in the hope of scant rations. Above the city, dark clouds gather, signs of a storm to come.

In Marisa Vogler's Cabaret, the sound of thunder rattles the windows, briefly interrupting the evening's performance. High-ranking Wehrmacht officials glance at the darkened windows, then turn back to their drinks.

A candle casts flickering light on a dusty library table, covered with writings in an unknown script.

Amidst the debris of a ruined cathedral, inhuman shadows play across the wall. A crucifix drops from a limp, bloody hand.

In a lantern-lit sewer beneath the city, a hooded figure hands a parcel to a group of furtive men. Nodding, they disappear into the darkness.

In a fire-scarred forest outside the city, unearthly lights play amidst the trees. The wind seems to whisper in a nameless tongue.

25 players