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Larp: Howl! The Brotherhood of the Quabbin Shadows

by Julia Ellingboe 1978. For nearly fifty years, Eli Ironwood has ruled as alpha of the Quabbin Shadows, the largest werewolf pack in western Massachusetts. Under his reign, the pack has flourished, absorbed weaker packs, and maintained an uneasy alliance with the Anthropophagy Society of Western Massachusetts (of which his wife Eleanor is president). In the 1960s, Eli's son Jedediah unsuccessfully challenged his father for the alpha position several times, but never gave up his vision for the pack. Instead, with the blessing of his father, he formed the Brotherhood of the Shadows, a motorcycle club for the younger pups of the pack. The Brotherhood has grown from a small club for the "motorcycle enthusiasts" of the pack to a full-fledged biker gang with ties to organized crime. The authorities have decided to turn a blind eye to their activities for fear of inciting a war between violent werewolves, peaceful werewolves, and bigoted small town folk who have never liked the presence of werewolves in their communities. Jedediah and the Brotherhood are now poised to take over the Quabbin Shadows. Eleanor, determined to see her husband's pack stay intact, (and to make a little profit should werewolf and human blood spill), has contacted the crypto-hunters of the Anthropophagy Society, big game hunters who specialize in bringing down werefolk. Werewolf meat is considered a delicacy to some cannibals, and many Society members have a taste for it. Prepare for a showdown. This freeform game is set in the same world as the Anthropophagy Society, and vaguely inspired by the Sons of Anarchy, but no prior knowledge or experience of either is necessary. Players will be werewolves, cannibals, or locals, and it my not be clear who is what. Players 16 and older. While this game borrows from much Sons of Anarchy, we'll leave the sexism and gender-based violence and abuse for the television series. We will explore themes of ethnic or racial identity and racism in a fantasy setting. There may be depictions, possibly lengthy or psychologically realistic ones, of the mental state of someone suffering abuse, violence, and murder at the hands of others. There will not be depictions of sexual abuse or torture.
12 to 21 players