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Larp: Heithur

by Andrew Clough, Brian Sniffen, Kevin Riggle From the dawn of time the skalds told that the world would end in fire. But the thanes are old, the battle horns are silent, and the swords are gone to rust. Time has brought a new age of trade and luxury for those who are willing to put aside the old ways and traffic with foreigners. Tonight the Honor sets sail not to raid but to allow those aboard to conduct their business far from prying eyes. Among those aboard, some have abandoned the old ways and some still hold to them in their hearts. Though, when the price is right, who can tell the difference? And who still cares? There will be wheeling and dealing, strife and betrayal, magic and the end of prophesy. If you liked Elizabeth Bear's Edda of Burdens setting, Theon Greyjoy, or Noir fiction then you might enjoy our game.
16-player maximum