The Sound of Drums
@ 2 p.m.

Intercon M

Radisson Hotel, Chelmsford, MA, USA

Run at Intercon M


In the distant, shadowy past of myths and legends, deep in a lonely mountainous forest, where magic still pulses and saber-tooth tigers still roam the land, lives a small, isolated tribe of hunters and warriors, reclusive folk with strange ways and powerful gods. It is a full moon night, when the tribe holds council, and there is a full feast of argument and debate to come. The medicine woman has yet to choose a successor; the chief has taken a questionable lover. And four foreigners, strange outsiders, have taken sanctuary with the tribe, lived among them, and there are many who rankle at the thought. Time for secrets to be spoken and paths to be decided. Will the outsiders stay past the dawn? Who will lead the tribe and keep its traditions? It is council night, the time of voices and change and strange, little-told tales, and as these passionate people struggle for unity, their hidden wood will ring with the sound of drums...

The Sound of Drums is a character-driven game for eighteen to twenty-four players, full of passion, politics, drumming, and storytelling. Players are encouraged to bring hand drums or other primitive percussion instruments, and/or play if instruments are available, but it is not a requirement for anybody, and no musical ability is necessary to enjoy this game. This game contains pervasive themes of bisexuality and polyamory, and is recommended for mature players. This is a Paranoid and Crotchety production.