Happily Ever After? (NZ)
@ 8 p.m.

Chimera 2012

Motu Moana Scout Camp, Green Bay, Auckland, New Zealand

Run at Chimera 2012. This is run two of two simultaenous runs, designated "Game White".


by Rowena Knill, Dave Luxton, Scott Kelly, Ivan "Vanya" Essin, Chris Rosedale, Clare Stones, Rachel Meads and Hamish Meads.

In a world where Magic is real, Princes are Charming, Queens are Evil and Dreams can come true, a horrible travesty has occured. Oberon, the Fae King of Summer has been found dead. Rumours are rife and fingers have been pointed. But what really happened, only 2 could know, Oberon and his killer.

You have been summoned to the Summer Palace of Oberon. Your duty this eve is to assist in the investigation, arrest, trial and excecution of the King's murderer. Once the case is closed, a new King or Queen of Summer must be chosen!

Can you help catch the killer? Will you take up the throne that stands empty? Summer approaches and without a rulling figure, who knows what will happen?