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Larp: My Little Fortress

Losing is Magic

MLF:LiM is a mashup of Dwarf Fortress and My Little Pony. It is an open-ended, sandbox-style game where players have some flexibility in creating their own characters. Gameplay focuses on PvE challenges such as running the fortress and defending against external threats... at least until somepony goes crazy.
My little fortress, my little fortress Ah-ah-ah-ah... (My little fortress) I used to wonder what hardship could be (My little fortress) Until you all shared its danger with me Big invasions, tons of stone A dutiful fort, secure and strong Sharing rations, it's no easy feat And magma makes it all complete To have my little fortress Don't you know we'll go on 'til we're all dead... --- "My Little Fortress: Losing is Magic" takes place in an alternate, post-apocalyptic version of the My Little Pony universe in which Twilight Sparkle and her friends failed in their quest to confront Night Mare Moon and rescue Equestria from eternal night. In the years since that event, the ponies have been forced to flee deep underground, seeking shelter from the growing forces of darkness. Today marks the founding of a new settlement by a band of particularly intrepid ponies. This is their story.