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Larp: Tonight at Eight

Tonight at Eight is a game of romantic comedy and confusion, featuring too many books, too many flowers and too many hopeful couples. Based loosely on the musical comedy She Loves Me, which in turn is based on the film Shop Around the Corner, the same film that inspired the movie You've Got Mail. If that confused you just now, this game will confuse you more. Tonight at Eight is not a musical LARP. If characters feel so moved, they may sing, but no singing is expected or required.
| *Charming, romantic, the perfect cafe* | *Then as if it isn't bad enough a violin starts to play* | *Candles and wine, tables for two, but where are you, Dear Friend?* | The idea of a blind date in this day and age is admittedly an odd one; a photo-free Lonely Hearts Club is even odder. Testimonials don't lie, though, and they say that the Blossoming Heart Society brings together more happy couples than any of the dating websites out there. It's for this reason -- and possibly a few others -- that you threw in your lot with the Society. You were then connected via old-fashioned postal correspondence to your new Dear Friend, a soulmate-to-be with whom you immediately developed a strong rapport. It only took a few fleeting letters before you agreed to ask the Society to arrange a meeting between you and your Dear Friend at Maraczek's Cafe, a local restaurant known for its romantic atmosphere. The day of the date has arrived, and more and more you're breathing less and less. You've been instructed to wear a flower and carry a book so that your date will recognize you; you've been told that your Dear Friend will do the same. Hopefully no one else will choose to accessorize the same way; that would be confusing! Two more minutes, three more seconds, ten more hours to go ...
14 to 18 players