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Larp: The Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon

By Jenni Dowsett Welcome to Hosepipe High! An interesting, creative, co-educational campus in the heart of Hosepipe, Washington, where learning is central and high expectations with effective teaching produce resilient, self-directed learners. Our football team the Hosepipe Beavers have won the State Championships three years running. With the support of the Cheerbeavers we hope they'll go to a record fourth year of victory. The Cheerbeavers are also award winners, coming in second place at the Tri-State Cheer competition last year. This year we all have to cheer them on, so they can win first place! The gala dance event "Hosepipe Under the Sea" is a fundraiser for a new bus which will be used to transport the Beavers to the upcoming Championships and will also be available to other school clubs in the off season. Being a teenager. The first flush of true love. The danger the horror and the allure of the supernatural...a deeply serious LARP.
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