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Larp: Flimsey Turrets


by Fiona Lloyd

Sometimes the only way to get through an awkward situation is NOT to let people know exactly what is going on. Unpalatable as you obviously find it, during the course of this evening you may have to lie.

Tonight is the dinner to mark the re-opening of Flimsey Turrets, a long running family oriented hotel on the south coast. You’re really looking forward to it. There seem to be very few staff but that may just be that they are keeping out of the way. There has been a lot of work done to upgrade the facilities so it should be an experience to remember.

Flimsey Turrets is a Freeform Live Roleplay game for sixteen people ( subject to take up – this can increase ). No previous knowledge of Freeform games or other games systems is required. Emphasis is very much on the roleplay element. Costuming is welcomed but not essential and will be mainly evening dress. Players should be over sixteen.

18 to 24 players