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Larp: Death in Valhalla


by Mike Tice / Live Game Labs

Death in Valhalla is a theatre-style live event that takes its setting from Norse mythology, with a special emphasis on the version embodied in Wagner’s Ring cycle of opera.

A death has occurred, and Odin/Wotan has demanded that the crime be solved. Armed conflict has been forbidden for the time being, making for an interesting interaction among the gods, elves, dwarves, giants, dragons, and other creatures present. While combat is forbidden, other challenges, involving drinking, arm-wrestling, wrestling, dance, skill, song, poetry, and just about anything else are still available to the hot-blooded among you. The more calculating among you may try your wits at deducing the identity of the murderer and the facts of the crime.

WARNING: There is a very strong possibility of Wagner being played at high volume.