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Larp: Folding the River

mllelaurel and Tory
A futuristic science-fantasy game of power, passion, and desperation, set in a world on the brink of destruction. It may or may not involve time travel.
Towering in the mountains over an endless desert, the last and greatest city on earth stands tall and proud. In the glittering heights, the rich and powerful hobnob and toast. Elizabeth Faulker herself, C.E.O. of Faulker Power Limited, is hosting a press conference and reception celebrating several events of note. An important scientific discovery in a small country town, a new breakthrough in research into human augmentation. The third anniversary of the landmark victory over and annexation of Taiyuan, led by the celebrated General Andreasson, who will be speaking tonight. And, of course, it is her dear son Cantwell's sixteenth birthday. Below those towers, well...that's a different story. But who has time to worry about poverty, crime, and epidemics when they have a world to rule? Evenings like this have happened before, and the world has kept turning towards destruction. But perhaps not this time... Folding the River is a futuristic science-fantasy game of power, passion, and desperation, which may or may not involve time travel. This game contains sexual content, as well as war crimes and other dark subjects, and is recommended for mature players. This is a Paranoid and Crotchety production.
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22 players