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Larp: Time Warp


by Carol Tierney, Andy Brown, Tara Conway, Gary Tierney

It was great when it all began....

But sometime in the 21st Century civilisation collapsed - however, humanity didn't quite manage to destroy itself and some people were left crawling on the planet's face. Among the things they kept with them was the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show.

As time moved on, Rocky Horror moved from Cult Classic to actual Cult - or rather Cults. Society is now governed by the Wild and Untamed Thing consisting of the Church of Rocky, the Temple of Brad, the Fellowship of Frank etc

Schisms between the varying factions have led to the brink of civil war - and this one could finish off humanity for good.

But even in the velvet darkness of the blackest night, there's a shining star -a last chance at diplomacy. Representatives from each of the factions have done the time warp - They have used the sonic transducer, a kind of audio-vibratory, physiomolecular transport device, which sent then back to the before times, in search of the one who may have the answers.

We join them for the floor show...

16 to 25 players