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Larp: Last Night in Jesriah

by Matthew Kamm, Shannon Moore, Jonathan Kindness So what’s wrong with you? I mean, you’re in here, so it’s got to be something. We’ve got all kinds—whatever flavor of crazy you’re craving, it’s on the menu. Disgruntled old vets? Paranoid royals? Flighty youths? And, of course, your standard variety vanilla loony; we’ve got plenty of those. Liars, thieves, magic-workers… and then there’s the doctors, whose fancy degrees make them better but no less crazy than you are. So what’s it going to be? Depressed? Hearing things? Magic-obsessed? Denial of reality? Delusions of grandeur? Thinking you’re somebody? Well, don’t you worry, they’ll cure you of all of that. That’s what the pills, the magic restraints, and, saints, the talking is for. But we’re a pretty good group. Crazy, they say? Maybe, but who isn’t? That’s just life. So seriously, just between us: what’s wrong with you? Last Night in Jesriah is the story of the inmates and staff of the Jesriah Convalescence Center in the Queendom of Mavella. It is a serious game with heavy Film Noir influences and a touch of dark humor, set in a magical fantasy world roughly parallel to early-20th-Century America. Behind the walls of Jesriah, players will intimately confront the challenges of living a life deemed "abnormal" by the outside world. Players can expect to encounter themes of identity, community, trauma, fear, hope, and loss, and the game includes elements of psychological illness, suicide, and abuse. For these reasons it is recommended for mature players only. This game takes place in a psychiatric institution and deals heavily with mental illness and self-harm, including suicide. If you have any reservations about experiencing these things in game, please contact a GM before signing up.
18-player maximum