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Larp: Maleficium


Three days ago, a violent storm marooned two ships on the shore of a mysterious and sparsely populated island, killing most of their crews. These ships carried no ordinary passengers, however. Feuds old and new are being rekindled as the disoriented survivors struggle to come to terms with their situation.

Today, the ruler of the island, Huxley Pheris, is throwing a banquet to lift the spirits of the stranded passengers. Who knows what strange events might come to pass before the feast is done?

Per chance you’ll join us for a spell, For magic, secrets we can’t tell. Play games and tricks upon the dead; Perhaps you’ll end up getting wed. We hope you app, (don’t punt) please come And see our world “Maleficium.”

Welcome to Maleficium, a Shakespearean saga of death, romance, and black magic!