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Larp: Pantheon: When Worlds Collide


In the grim future of the 22nd century, the wildest dreams of computer scientists have finally given birth to a fully-realized "cyberworld." Inhabited by a new generation of self-styled hackers, this electronic eden has allowed for rapid expansion and growth in all areas of scientific research, most especially in the realms of nanomedicine and so-called "bioware."

Of course, every technology has its price. Although free universal healthcare, introduced in 2091, has eliminated most diseases, drug abuse has skyrocketed; atheism and political apathy have become the norm. Rolling blackouts are common, and rampant population growth has contributed to a rise in poverty. Meanwhile, the federal government sits on its hands, as lawmakers everywhere succumb to the demands of powerful special interest groups and other organizations no one dares name. Riots and violence break out nearly everyday, and the state of California as a whole recently seceded from the United States.

Despite all this, New York remains a flickering beacon of hope for the rest of the nation. Out of all of America's major metropolises, only New York has actually managed to improve its quality of living since the 21st century. Nonetheless, even the Big Apple has a dark underside. The sizzling laser shots from gang warfare frequently punctuate the otherwise peaceful streets, as drug lords and gun runners make trillions of hyperinflated dollars from massive sales of homegrown hallucinogens and illegal weapons. Rumors of nuclear accidents stubbornly persist, as citizens from across the five boroughs report seeing strange glowing figures walking down the street, before vanishing as suddenly as they came.

In the midst of it all, you're just a bunch of regular people trying to get by...or are you?