The Koenig Dead
@ 2 p.m.

Run at Petone Community House, Wellington, NZ. Run Eagle (afternoon)


by Tony Mitton

Hidden away near the Rim, his base a wrecked starship which became a tomb, Professor Simon Prosper is one of the Federation's most wanted men. He bides amongst his strange companions, continuing his research as best he can; but all the while he broods on everything he has lost.

Now, however, his beloved daughter has returned to him aboard a small free trader with secrets - and troubles - of its own. A crewmember is gravely injured. Another struggles to understand what she has become. And two of Kestrel's passengers are here to lay the dead to rest at last.

But the dead are restless...


The Koenig Dead is a dark, fairly hard science fiction game loosely inspired by a recent Joss Whedon TV show. It is a semi-sequel to The Linfarn Run (with some of the same characters), but no prior knowledge of that game is expected or required.