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Larp: A Night at Club Ivory


America is in the worst of the Depression, and most have hit rock-bottom - but not everyone. There are those of High Society who have survived the worst. They have been joined by those who aspire to celebrity. Along with movie stars and gossip columnists, they've all created a "glittering, publicity-mad, indefatigable set called 'Cafe Society'". They meet in places where the hint of illegal alcohol still lingers in the air. These places may have gained some respectability now that Prohibition is over, but not completely. There are still shady characters about.

It is the summer of 1934 and Club Ivory is such a place...

Club Ivory sits in the Hollywood Hills, a place just far enough out of the city to keep its clientele exclusive and its reputation racy. You could always get a drink here, during the darkest days of Prohibition, if you knew the password. Even the night after that fateful raid in 1922, it was open, despite the fact that two bootleggers lay bleeding to death in the cellar. It is said that their ghosts roam the darkness, the only ones who remember the recipe for the Ivory Fade.

It is the summer of 1934 and Club Ivory reeks of memories...

Ahh, the Ivory Fade. It was the drink that named the place. A nectar that warmed you on the way down, and made you feel like you were in Heaven. It was an elixir that cured you of the blues. Now, when it's needed most, it's gone.

It is the summer of 1934 and many things have been lost at Club Ivory...

There are other secrets here. Skeletons in the closet. Anonymous photographs taken in an indiscreet moment. No one and nothing seems to be what it should be. Prohibition spawned an environment of deceit. Prohibition is gone, but the atmosphere remains.

It is the summer of 1934 and there are always secrets at Club Ivory...

13 to 24 players