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Larp: Replaying a Classic: Final Voyages of the Mary Celeste

You've played the game before, or at least you should have. Some of you have even GM'd the game. There have been numerous runs of the game and, while the game is the same, it all plays differently. This is the nature of most LARPs. But what if things went differently? As a new player, you didn't know any secrets. You didn't know the important players and who had what. What if you did? How would the game be different? Your experience will different this time around. Instead of being locked with dice and numbers, the players will decide how things work. Someone want to rampage and kill everyone? Sort it out amongst yourselves. Everyone will know the plot, the characters and their motivations. Now, it is up to you to bring the story to conclusion. You're encouraged to Metagame. Rules are suggestions. Enjoyment is the primary motivator for LARPing. Let the experience ride. The last hour will be a postmortem of the game and style.