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Larp: A Dance of Flame and Shadow

Boston's come on dark tides of recent. Several prominent members of the Camarillan Court have either disappeared or left the city with little to no warning. Rumors abound across the streets of neonates going insane and losing themselves to their beast without cause. An Anarch has come to town singing of the End of Days and, if it can be believed, begging help from the Ivory Tower. The Lunatics are listening. The Man in the Porcelain Mask, a ghostly figure of the Scourge, whom no one knows the true identity of, has been busy stalking the streets searching for Infiltrators and those not blessed with the Prince's Acknowledgement. Whispers move through the Neonates that the Prince is starting to crack under the pressure. Since the accident that took his closest ally, the old Nosferatu Sheriff, he just hasn't been the same. Can the new Ventrue Sheriff step up to the cause, or is the city doomed to burn under the next incarnation of the Black Death?