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Larp: Speed Dating (The Larp)

Everybody wants to meet somebody - that special someone, that soulmate, that person to spend the rest of your life (or just a few nights) with. Speed Dating (The LARP)\* is quick, easy, and it's fun! Come meet new people, have a few laughs, and maybe meet the person of your dreams! \*Speed Dating, Inc is open to persons of all colors, creeds, races, sexual orientations, kinks and political persuasions. Speed Dating, Inc does not guarantee that you will meet a special someone, tonight or ever. (A Speed Dating session is one where singles have the chance to meet a whole bunch of other singles at once - in quick, five-minute sessions. After these meetings are over, the singles have the option to mix and mingle a bit more, and then check off on their ballots the people they'd be willing to meet with and date again. Whoever is running the session tabulates the checks, and mutual checks are furnished with the other person's contact information for future dates. Really, though - how much can you find out about someone in five minutes? This game pokes fun at the whole idea, with a silly and chaotic look at dating, first impressions, and snap judgments.)