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Larp: Night 1002: The Introduction


by Tara Halwes and Mel MacDonald


The court of the kingdom of Sasan has always been an odd and interesting place, but tonight it is even more so. For over three years, King Shahriyar took a bride each evening and had her beheaded the following morning. That was until he married Shahrazad.

Shahrazad delayed her execution by telling the king amazing tales of interesting characters and their adventures. She finally won both the king’s heart and her life. Not to mention stability for the kingdom.

Tonight, the king and Shahrazad have invited some of the fascinating people who inspired her tales to join them and the rest of the nobles of Sasan at court.

While the honored visitors are intriguing, the court has its own secrets and tales to tell. It is difficult to say whether the guests or the nobles have more to hide. For one wild night they will all be thrown together and hopefully, no one loses their head…

24 to 30 players