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Larp: High Crimes and Misdemeanors


by Gordon Olmstead-Dean

Presidential cabinet politics


High Crimes and Misdemeanors 5:55 AM EDT - The Drudge Report releases a rumor that seated President James Kent recently conducted an affair with a prominent Hollywood actress. Kent is currently in Mexico, and is scheduled to appear in San Francisco at an ASNE Luncheon and is already enroute.

3:50 PM EDT - In a Rayburn Building Press Conference following a House Judiciary Committee Meeting, Representative Mark Conner (R-Indiana) responds to a question from a credentialed reporter saying that he "has information" which "leads him to question whether or not" Kent may be guilty of "impropriety" for his use of government assets in regards to the affair.

5:25 PM EDT - President Kent departs LAX aboard Air Force One. He will arrive at Andrews AFB at 9:48 PM and face questions which will almost certainly lead the 11 O'clock National News.

4:40 PM EDT - Rep. Conner's quote is repeated on CNN

6:00 PM EDT - Washington's Fox Affiliate WTTG Channel 5 breaks the story on National Television

7:00 PM EDT - An Emergency Meeting called by the White House Chief of Staff convenes in a West Wing Office.

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