Tesla's Wedding: AKA Perambulate We Merrily
@ 10 a.m.

Chimera 2013

Motu Moana Scout Camp, Green Bay, Auckland, New Zealand

Run at Chmera 2013 as "Tesla's Wedding"


by Catherine Pegg

"Perambulate we, merrily: Mind the electricity! Celebrate with cups of tea - All for Tesla's wedding."

"Red her lips as cinnabar, Eves bright as a furnace core. Heart that's fierce in peace and war, Is our darling Tesla..."

Europe, 188-. While that poky set of islands under Victoria are oohing and ahing over lightbulbs, the continent from brilliant Paris to chill Russia indulges in a glorious romp of a technical revolution. Glories and abominations of Nature and Artifice abound and many are the men and women who seek to bridle them...

But meanwhile, in a quiet town in the middle of a black forest, Pierre de l'Eclaire and Tesla von und zu Drakenwyrm politely thumb their noses at their feuding families and celebrate a peaceful year since the founding of their model town Bellecoeur by finally getting married.

To celebrate in proper style, they have invited all the Friends and Enemies of their Adventuring Years. While most of the townsfolk dance the Mekanista outside with an oxroast and syncopated fireworks (to do the thing up proper), you, all you Mad Scientists and Zeppelin Pirates and Eccentric Relatives and Abominations of Nature and Benighted Travellers, have retired into the gilt-edged town hall and community centre to watch Pierre and Tesla Jump the Broomstick!

Will the wedding come off without a kidnapping or explosion? Just what is Doctor Quaere Boungle's secret? Can [insert name here]'s machinations be foiled in time? And where, where I say, is my tea???

Find out in Perambulate We Merrily, a small socio-theatrical production written by Catherine Pegg to celebrate the real life wedding of young Nick and Miranda, may their years together be long and glorious.