Skies of Eladria
@ 7 p.m.

SFS Live Action Weekend 2012

WPI, Worcester, MA, USA

Run at SFS Live Action Weekend 2012


The world is a far-flung future/past, where a man's value is how high he can fly. The lands are split up into nations with many tenuous pacts, and the skies are dotted with airships. These airships, captained by brave men seeking their destinies, vary in size from ten-man crews to flying cities. One of these city-ships, the grand Zahrah Al’Nasim, is where we seize the skies of Eladria.

The world is split up into five nations: the forward-thinking citizens of Mekkakronopolis, masters of machines; the free-spirited nomads living in the Anahari wastes, a desolate land, home only to the strongest of heart; the fiery inquisitors hailing from the cathedrals of Navarre, burning out corruption with zeal and justice; the powerful gladiators hailing from the Dwymmer archipelago, seeking fame and glory; and finally, denizens of the dangerous lands of Guntakata, where hazardous swamplands have forced the cities into the skies and onto the decks of their colossal airships. Members of all nations have made their ways to the skies, to the Zahrah Al’Nasim, where they will coerce, conflict, and cooperate with one another to achieve their individual agendas.

Skies of Eladria: the Steampunk Game is a 4-hour theatrical-style LARP set in a steampunk universe. As is the case with most LARPs, the air is rife with intrigue, mystery, a little romance, and Something Strange is Going On. Welcome, travelers, to the Skies of Eladria.