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Larp: Synchronicity


New York City, January 2012.

They’ve closed the bridges connecting Manhattan to the rest of the city. Some people got out before the blockades came. Some didn’t. You’ve seen patrol boats in the harbor. They tell you it’s fine and there’s nothing to worry about.

You haven't seen your best friend recently. There's no way he could have left before the lockdown. You saw him after the bridges closed. But you can’t find him. He’s not answering his phone. His Twitter account went silent. What happened to him?

The city feels strange, and clouds are gathering on the horizon. You've lived here your whole life, but yesterday you got lost on the way to work. The city feels strange beneath your feet, and you have the nagging feeling that you're running out of time.

At night, your sleep is overrun with strange dreams, visions of other times and places and an unnerving sense of power and influence.

They tell you it’s fine. You’re not sure if you believe them.

SYNCHRONICITY is a game of choice and consequence, written by Jacky Chang, Dexter Chan, Jason Gonsalves, Carrie Keach, Ekaterina Kuznetsova, and Ash Turza.

60 players