Eridanus Rising
@ 2 p.m.
Wellington High School, Wellington, New Zealand

Run at KapCon XXI, Wellington, NZ, 2012


by Shifting Forest Storyworks

Classification: Discovery, Atmosphere. Dark 3. NPC 4. DIR 1. Adult Content.

The fantastically wealthy and eccentric Henry Delacroix is throwing his sixtieth birthday party in his vacation home in Antarctica, inviting the handful of associates who can actually stand to be around him. The party proceeds at the expected level of awkwardness until a seemingly trivial event forces the host to reassess his priorities and rapidly changes everything.

That night, old crimes will resurface and fallen souls will rise in rebellion. Guests suddenly trapped in an isolated parlor must untangle the old man's life and his disturbing theology in order to take sides in a cosmic battle. Their successes and failures will decide the fate of the gods and the future of the world.