Power Ballad: Total Eclipse of the Eternal Flame
@ 7 p.m.
MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA

The year is 1989, and tonight is the night of the big high school dance! It doesn't matter whether you're the head cheerleader or president of the math club, whether the posters on your bedroom wall are of The Bangles or The Cure, or whether your goal is to finally ask out your crush or just to avoid getting stuffed into a locker (again)--whoever you are, you just know that this is going to be your night!

Tonight, romance will blossom, bitter rivalries will resurface, and all manner of moves will be busted. Better stock up on hairspray and start practicing your moonwalk, because tonight we're gonna party like it's 1989!

(This is a party game with a focus on role-playing and having fun in character. The cast is divided roughly in half into a group of moderately- to heavily-plotted characters, and a group of high-shtick, low-plot horde-like characters for those who simply want to party. Either way, expect to spend a fair amount of game just dancing and partying.)