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Larp: Murder... for Science!

A low-mechanics, high-shtick party game set at fancy gala in a science museum.
After years of intense and extremely secretive research, ScienceCorp ("ScienceCorp: Where science becomes reality!") has announced the completion of its latest project. Speculation abounds: while some dismiss ScienceCorp as a collection of quacks and mad scientists, others claim that the new device will be the most important technological innovation of the modern age. This evening, the prestigious Fenway Museum of Science will host the unveiling of this groundbreaking invention. For one night, the assembled scientists, academics, and politicians will set aside their rivalries and infighting to celebrate this historic event. But even here in the hallowed halls of Science, not everything is as it seems... Join us for a night of intrigue, romance, mad science, and--of course--murder!
24 players