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Larp: Murder in Paradise


A low-mechanics, high-shtick party game set at a wedding reception on a tropical island.


It was a fairytale wedding. Charles Vanderflumpf and Sally Jones wanted to get married on a tropical island, and the groom's family had paid for everyone to fly there, and to stay at a small but luxurious hotel on the isolated northern shore. They spared no expense, and everyone at the ceremony agreed that it was worth it. The bride and groom both looked wonderful, the little seaside chapel was simply charming, and even the weather was perfect right up until the end.

The first drops of rain began to fall as everyone prepared to return to the hotel for the reception. The guests all got into a big air-conditioned bus, while the newlyweds got into their rental car with the "Just married" sign on the back window and the cans dangling behind. They said they were going to take the scenic route back to the northern shore, but promised that they wouldn't be long.

Now everyone else is safely back at the hotel, as a monsoon rages across the island. Soon the newlyweds will arrive, and then the wedding reception can really get started. But there are some guests here who have more than partying on their minds...

20 to 30 players