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Larp: Skid Row

Hell? Heaven? Demons? Brimstone? Fire? Bah! What a joke. How about having to beg or steal enough change for your next bag before the spiders get you? How about trying to stay high enough so you can turn enough tricks to keep your pimp happy so he doesn't beat you for slacking? How about hiding from the shelter vehicle on a sub-zero night because you are so whacked (sorry mentally ill) that you are convinced aliens will dissect you at the shelter. Now that's Hell. Hell on Earth! Welcome to a life on the streets in Big City, USA. A place where you never know where your next meal, drink, trick or bag is going to come from. A place where dirty panhandlers mix it up for the 7-11 door opening position while gang bangers fight for drug turf. A place where everyone’s past is either lost in the haze of substance abuse, insanity, and misfortune or deliberately concealed for good reason. Unfortunately (or fortunately for some) it is not business as usual on the streets. A suspected John from uptown is discovered dead in an alley and now there is all manner of strangers asking questions. Strangers who seem to know too much about everyone to be healthy and who seem to be beyond the laws of the street that govern everyone else. Strangers offering tickets off the street to those willing to provide them with the right information are interspersed with those willing to kill to keep things quiet. Characters will consist of the many denizens of the streets both criminal and non-criminal, both natural and not so natural where they will drink, fight, scheme, smoke, puke, screw and die in the pursuit of their modest and sometimes not so modest ambitions. This game is intended to be irreverent and humorous. If you are easily offended please select another game for this time slot. WARNING: THIS GAME IS NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 18. IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 AND YOU SIGN UP, YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE GAME BY THE CON STAFF.
23 to 27 players