Tales of Pendragon

Location: Timonium, Maryland

Long ago, in the islands that today make up England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, a myth came into the world. The myth spoke of a great Boy King who drew a sword from a stone and who wed the most beautiful woman in the world. The King won great battles and united all Britain under one rule. He created a new ideal. He said that the strong bore responsibility to protect and help those who could not fight; that honor meant more than might; and that people should strive for moral perfection rather than domination over their fellows. Warriors flocked to his side, and he received them at a table that had no head nor foot, so that no man should be elevated or demeaned except by his own actions. His best friend was the greatest fighter of them all. But this same best friend and his wife bore such love for one another that they betrayed the King's trust, and set into motion events that brought the reign of this proud monarch to its end. History has passed this time over, but legend remembers his name, King Arthur Pendragon, and the ideal he founded, chivalry, even to the present day.

Join us, then, for a journey into that mythic past to create these stories from long ago, when Britain was emerging from Roman occupation to become a nation. Then, jousting and romance were the most popular sports, and nascent Christianity grew alongside and sometimes struggled against ancient Pagan ways. New kingdoms strove to consolidate power, yet in the strange wild places practitioners of old magic, both foul and fair, still wove their enchantments. High ideals took their place alongside base treachery, and war was the commonplace pursuit of nobles everywhere.

In Tales of Pendragon, you will tell these stories by becoming the characters therein. In this fashion you will play not one, but many characters during the course of the game. You might be King Lot in one tale, a goodly Hermit in another, and a terrible Monster in a third, giving you the opportunity to experience the world in all dimensions.

More, your stories will affect history itself. The direction that the myth takes will be determined by the your collective actions. Will Lancelot and Guenevere betray Arthur? Will the Round table be broken? Will Mordred come to hate his father? All these will be chosen by the actions you take in your stories: as go the people of Britain, so goes the saga of her great heroes.