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Larp: Aliens: Apocalypse

by Morgan Davie "He was thrown down to earth, and all his angels with him..." - Revelation 12:9 The Earth in 2199 is a very different place to what we know now. In the 200 years separating now and then, humanity has reached out to the stars and established hundreds of other homes on hundreds of other worlds. Earth has been through the worst of environmental breakdowns and come out the other side, to the point where its forests are once again green and its air is once again safe to breathe. Government has been rolled back to the point where it is almost an irrelevancy to the control of the megacorporations. It is a world of vast economic gaps; where millions live in slum-like conditions while the very wealthy few concentrated their resources. It is a world of varying opportunity and occasional inhumanity and a world where rhetoric and media control are all-powerful. It is a world where all of this has changed in the immediate past. A biological plague has destroyed civilisation as it was. It is a world which the wealthy have abandoned, and a world where the poor left behind have no option but to face the terrors that walk at night. They struggle to find new ways to live in a world that has transformed into hell.