Twelfth Night
Wellington High School, Wellington, New Zealand

Run at KapCon XII


by Frank Pitt and others

The Duke of Illyria is dead. Long live the Duke!

Umm... but which one ?

It seems that the Duke's first wife, Viola, gave birth in the manner of her family, to the twins Sebastian and Olivia. Now no-one is quite sure who is or should be the new Duke or Duchess of Illyria. And what of Cesario, the Duke's son by his second wife, Lucretia, whom many say would make a much better ruler than either of his older siblings?

Unfortunately, for those of a sober demeanour, the old Duke died just prior to the celebration of Twelfth Night, during the Festival of Misrule. This means that the for this one night, the Bean King and his motley court of drunks and whores hold all power in the fair Duchy of Illyria.

In whose favour will the Bean King decide? Who will rule the Duchy by the time the church bells ring in Epiphany and the new day? And who will live to see it?

A fourteenth century Italian costume drama based loosely on the plots of several plays by William Shakespeare, including Twelfth Night, Romeo and Juliet, and A Midsummer Night's Dream.