Highschool Reunion: I Know What You Roleplayed Last Summer
Wellington High School, Wellington, New Zealand

Run at KapCon XIII


by Frank Pitt, Matt Cowens, and others.

Welcome to SpringDale High's Class of '95 Reunion Ball

Re-live your Prom Night with all your old friends.

SpringDale High School is pleased to host the Class of '95 Reunion. Current students and staff will be on hand, providing catering and assistance to all Reunion attendees The Reunion Ball is also open to all Old Boys and Girls in good standing with the school.

Tickets are $25 dollars and include free (non-alcoholic) punch and finger food. A local DJ will provide entertainment.

Donations for the Inky the Squid memorial fund will be gratefuly accepted

Sponsored by Megahard Corporation, where shall we tell you to go today?