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Larp: Guild Council

by Paul Wilson and Jarrod Carmicheal On Nine seperate worlds the guilds were born. They raised their eyes to the stars, searching for meaning and purpose. Their calls were answered by the Eternal, the undying protector of humanity. For a thousand years there has been peace among the guilds. For a thousand years the Eternal has watched and guilded humanity. Now, the balance has been disturbed and cracks are appearing. Outsiders have arrived with disturbing news of humanity's origins. The machinations of the guilds are accelerating towards war. In a final desperate bid for peace, a message was sent: ** COURIER MESSAGE 1287974120 ** TO: ALL GUILD LEADERS ** FROM: THE ETERNAL >>>THE ETERNAL CALLS TOGETHER YOUR LEADERS FOR A COUNCIL OF THE GUILDS. >>> THE TERRANS HAVE ARRIVED AND SEEK AN AUDIANCE. >>> COURIERS SHIPS ARE BEING SENT TO PICK UP EMISSARIES. >>> DO NOT DELAY. Political intrigue in a factionalised sci-fi setting.
34-player maximum