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Larp: The Gordian Knot

By Hannah Jackson, Malu Fink, Prema Cottingham, Daphne Cohen, Joseph Parker and Joel Williams In the Milky Way galaxy, worlds have come to an uneasy alliance called the Galactic Federation cemented by centuries of trade and development and presenting a united front against 'The System Scurge'. A Senate meeting has been called and an official agenda distributed to relevant parties. A welcoming reception is held the night before the Senate meeting, an informal, open-invitation gathering for delegates, citizens and guests (invited or not). The ultimate opportunity to network, politic, trade and romance. Everyone knows that's where all the important decisions are really made. You will be attending the welcoming reception - The Gordian Knot, a 3 hour LARP for 110 pre-written characters. The game features a mix of plot themes to suit all tastes. Intrigue, romance, the continuation of your species, action driven heroes, anti-heroes and villains; slavery and freedom, moral and ethical dilemmas, and a dash of comedy.
110-player maximum