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Larp: For the Honour of the Family

by Katrina Allis, Freya Sacksen, Gareth Cranefield Seventh day of June, in the year 1826. For centuries the Cantacuzino family, as one of the great houses, have been at the centre of Wallachian politics. During that time, the Family have weathered many changes, and survived many attacks. The Balenu family (who in recent years have aligned with the Ghica family) have always manoeuvred in opposition - often in secret but on occasion openly. The Ottoman Empire, during their current reign of power and resulting oppression of Wallachia, have attempted to destroy important family members, but their efforts have been blunt and cumbersome. Built on a foundation of tradition and tight family ties, the Cantacuzino family has endured this (and much more) in its attempt to build, and ultimately profit from, a just and strong Wallachian society. And now the Head of the House, Duna Cantacuzino, is dead. Following the old ways his body lay in state within the family home in Bucharest for a period of 100 hours, and is now being transported to the ancient Cantacuzino graveyard in Craiova for internment. With the funeral period over the rebuilding task can begin: starting with the selection of a replacement for Duna. As tradition dictates, direct family members will select the new Head of the House, by vote, before the next New Moon leaves the dusk horizon. On the final night those within travelling distance have gathered together for a final wake and to discuss the future. However, without much time a decision will have to be made tonight. And with the suddenness of Duna's death causing suspicions, a possible alliance with the Balenu family and the likelihood of yet another Russo-Turkish war to be fought through Wallachia; the future fortunes or fate of the Cantacuzino family is very much at stake.
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