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Larp: The Ballad of Jess-Belle

Fair was Elly Glover, dark was Jess-Belle. Both they loved the same man, and both they loved him well. Billy Ben Turner and the beautiful Ellwyn Glover are getting married. Tonight, is their engagement party at her father’s barn. There was supposed to be a full moon overhead, but heavy clouds have formed a dark foreboding cover to the sky. Everyone knows the story of Billy Ben. He left the dark haired Jesse Belle for Elly and Jess Belle has never forgiven him. There is a hushed feeling of dread that Jess Belle will show up at this happy occasion and cause a scene.
The Ballad of Jess Belle is the story of witchcraft, love, loss, and letting go set in the distant past of the Appalachian Mountains. It is based on various stories and folktales adapted for the game.
9 players