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Larp: The Ch'akta Peace Accord

by Nick O'Keefe The Ch'akta peace accord was signed five years ago, ending a 38 year war across space between the Terran Colonies and the Ch'akta of Gilese 581b. The government of the Terran Colonies has decided that enough time has been spent on negotiations and discussions to allow delegates from the Ch'akta to visit Earth herself in a celebration of the original peace accord signed those five years ago. This spectacular event will be hosted at the New Washington War Memorial Museum. This will be the most momentous event of 23XX since the end of the war! Many famous people and guests will be gathering to celebrate interstellar peace and the survival of both species. This will be the first time the Ch'akta will be seen in public on Earth as the government has been keeping them out of the public eye as much as possible since the beginning of the war.
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