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Larp: Super Sparkle Action Princess GX!


You are the cast and crew of TV's hottest new children's show: Super Sparkle Action Princess GX! It's got a ballerina turned action heroine, evil cyborg aliens, sparkly transformation scenes and a lot of riding around on hover bikes. The kiddies love that stuff. But today there's a problem: your footage for this week's episode disappeared in a freak giraffe incident, the script is a collection of incoherent jottings from your drunken absentee writer, and the props mistress hates you. Your deadline is today, and failure is not an option. It won't just get you fired, it'll get you a really nasty phone call from your five year old niece. Are you a trouper?


Super Sparkle Action Princess GX! is a modern day chaotic live roleplaying game for 13-16 people. Players take on the parts of the cast and crew filming an episode at short notice in difficult conditions, using a live camera. (Note, there are parts available for people who do not wish to be filmed, and everyone will need to give permission before any footage is made public.) The game will take about three hours to run, including setup and debriefing. Super Sparkle Action Princess GX! has a realist setting and is rules light. It also has a low entry threshold for people who have not attended a live roleplaying game before. While the overall tone is rather silly, there are some mature themes.

impossible to spoil
13 to 16 players