Redemption: High Noon at the Devil's Luck
@ 2 p.m.

Festival of the LARPs, 2010 (V for Vestival)

Brandeis, Waltham, MA, USA

"It was a hard land, and it bred hard men to hard ways." - Louis L'Amour

Redemption, Arizona: home to sinners, scoundrels, settlers... and one less sheriff than yesterday. His body weren't even cold before folks started settin' up to show down. On one hand is Johnny Amber, keeper of both the town's spirits and its secrets, tender of the Devil's Luck Saloon. On the other is Virgil Cole, known far and wide as the "Ferryman," taller'n the tallest tale ever told of the deadliest shot in all the west. In the hours before High Noon,when Johnny and Virgil face off, everyone in town is fixin' to get their share of Redemption.

With the sheriff gone, guns and gold are the only law left in this God-forsaken field of sand. Them's the times that turn respectable folks into gamblers, gamblers into thieves, and thieves into murderers. Can anyone be saved in Redemption? A fella's gotta expect that before the dust settles at the Devil's Luck, this one'll see more turns than tumbleweed

Redemption is a game of gamblin', gun-slingin', double-crossin', duelin', and a little romancin' set in the Old West.