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Larp: Diamonds and Coal


Diamonds and Coal is based on Chad Underkoffler's table-top RPG, Dead Inside, with the sensibilities of Sondheim's Sweeney Todd and Fail Better Games' addictive html game Echo Bazaar, and set in a steampunk flavored Northern England mining town. Written by Emily Care Boss and Julia Ellingboe.


Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, 1852, near the heart of England's mining industry, a strange illness takes over the locals. Those affected describe the feeling as having lost one's soul, feeling empty and hollow. Commonly called "The Sickness", it's taking over Newcastle at an alarming rate. Some say the earth has given up too much coal, and now asks for something in return--a taste of humanity or a little soul. Others say the wealthy and elite have grown tired of money and now need the same. Whatever or whoever causes The Sickness, those afflicted find they gain a new awareness of the world around them. Some describe being able to see diamonds amidst the depressing, dingy, soot that covers daily life. They see otherworldly beings, from shimmery creatures that beckon the Sick to a calmer, safer world, beings who help and prey upon the afflicted, ghosts, and terrible things with no name. Those afflicted can seek help from these supernatural beings, sometimes fighting back against them. They must seek help from all whom they meet: mortal, mage, ghost and spirit. And help each other along their own road to redemption or perdition--everyone's fate hangs in the balance. As more people fall ill with the Sickness, a number of powerful people who understand the source of this Sickness descend upon Newcastle to help and hurt any Geordie who bears the mark of this peculiar illness.

17 to 24 players