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Larp: The Dance and the Dawn

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful lady... ...and things didn't go so well for her. She had to make sacrifices; that's just how the world works, you know? Eventually, she had to sacrifice her heart. Now she has one chance to get it back, to find her true love. Once upon a time, there was a handsome lord... ...and things didn't go so well for him. Maybe he never found his beautiful bride, or maybe he found her but couldn't bring himself to love her. Maybe he was just a vicious bastard through and through. Now there are ladies who want to dance with him, who want to love him, who want him to love them in return. He wants to sneer. But it's so cold inside his heart... The game takes place on the Isle of Ice, at the Queen of Ice's midnight ball. There are three distinct types of PC, two of which are: the Ladies of Ash and the Lords of Ice. Female Lords are easily accommodated; male Ladies are possible but less likely. There are also a non-dancing PC roles for those that prefer interacting with the game on a different level. The dancing will be simplest sorts of ballroom dances. These will be taught before game, so you do not need to know them already. Costuming, while easy, is very important. The game is light on plot and heavy on characterization. It will involve waltzing, pretty dresses, and loads and loads of Gothic fairy-tale angst.
16 to 19 players