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Larp: L5


Not too far in the future, humnanity has colonized the Lagrange 5 point - bringing with it all the problems of Earth. Spies, corporate infighting, dastardly plots, and lots and lots of guns.


<LOGIN> "Delos Station welcomes you to L5, also known as Lagrange Point 5, center of human civilization in Orbit. Universal Standard Time is now 18:23:10, October 5, 2060."

"Please wait while customs clears your baggage for entrance into the L5 Consensual Regulatory Zone. While you wait, the Delos Station Information Cartel is pleased to offer a series of informational and educational presentations for your enjoyment. Please be patient; our skilled technicians are hard at work ensuring your safety through thorough customs inspection."

"Orbital Business Association studies have showed that the L5 cluster has 50% more manufacturing capacity than any other region in the Earth Orbital Development Zone, and its estimated growth index..." <SKIP>

"Lagrange point 5, named for its discovery by Joseph Louis Lagrange, is a stable point that lies at the apex of an equilateral triangle with the Earth and the Moon at the other two points. L5 is the trailing such point; L4, which has been poorly developed to date, is a mirrored point which leads in orbit instead of following. As a stable point in orbit, L5 is ideal for colonization and..." <SKIP>

"The big event everyone is talking about this week in L5 is the upcoming corporate conference hosted by Zion Cluster and Habitat 7. Representative from most of Earth's major mergacorps will be here negotiating..." <SKIP>

"In other news, still no progress in the search for the killers of either Scott Kastelic or Alyse Connell. Kastelic was the head of Habitat 7, and Connell was the Chief Biologist for Zion Cluster. Hopefully these sad deaths will not have any negative effect on the conference about to..." <SKIP>

"Welcome to Delos Station. Delos Station is the premier..." <SKIP>

"Thank you, Mr. Smith. Your visa has been approved. Welcome to L5 and enjoy your stay. Security advises you that keeping your weapons loaded while travelling may result in accidental discharge and is therefore not recommended."

"Security has determined that you are travelling under a false name: accordingly, Delos Station advises you to be careful, and wishes to let you know about some of the life insurance opportunities available to..." <LOGOUT>