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Larp: Baldur's Gate II: Judgement

by Dennis "Phaeton" Perepelitsa "You cannot run from yourself. You cannot defeat yourself. I am the blood - I am the instinct!" - avatar of Bhaal, to Abdel Adrian Abdel Adrian, born of the dead Lord of Murder, notorious across the Sword Coast and all of Faerun, has disappeared. In the dead of night, his allies, friends, family, lovers, dread enemies, bitter foes and all who have had dealings with him have been mysteriously conscripted to fight in a war for the fate of his soul. A war that rages in the heavens and threatens to overcome all who share his divine blood. The darkest days of the Bhaalspawn saga are upon you. --- Baldur's Gate 2: Judgment is a 3-day high-fantasy game. It has dark overtones and elements of romance, intrigue, revenge and redemption.