Staying Alive (Murder Mystery In-a-Box)
@ 8 p.m.

Festival of the LARPs, 2011 (Larpercalia)

Brandeis, Waltham, MA, USA

This annual "Murder Mystery in a Box" game is much more structured than your typical LARP: it includes three series' of dialogue and Q&A sessions followed by accusations and the revelation of the murderer. This game would be perfect for those new to LARPing or those who simply want a more relaxing, laid-back, shorter, party-style game. As these games are meant to be dinner parties, some type of meal TBD will be served. Players will be asked to pitch in a few dollars towards the cost of the food.


"This mystery occurs in 1979 at the trendy Studio Manhattan, a chic and glamorous New York discotheque frequented by the rich and famous. Tonight's exclusive crowd of celebrities is feverishly dancing the Hustle to the throbbing rhythmic beat of disco. The music stops abruptly when the club's owner, Jackie Fever, is found murdered in her backstage office. The flamboyant Ms. Fever was fatally stabbed--obviously by someone she knew. You may be a suspect!"