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Larp: Expedition: Those Left Behind

It a new age of exploration for humankind. The human race has begun to colonize planets outside the solar system, and a new technology has allowed us to go further and faster than ever before. We can finally reach systems and planets far beyond what we once thought possible. With mankind's recent population spikes, finding new planets to colonize is a necessity. The International Space Organization has been prepping for this mission for over a year. One of the deep space probes finally found a planet suitable for human habitation. It's got decent atmosphere, water and plant life similar to earth. It seems perfect. Representatives from Earth government have come to watch this historic mission, an interstellar colony ship which will reach its destination in just under four hours. Every possibility, every detail of this mission has been planned and examined, including the decision to move the launch up by an hour. Expedition: Those Left Behind is a game about political intrigue, difficult decisions and what happens when things go wrong. This game and the other two Expedition games are part of one meta-game, and will affect and be affected by them in a limited manner. They are each complete games, and will all have their own internal plot.
10 to 14 players