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Larp: A Night at the Eden Opera House

With the creation of commercial radio and the rise of the silver screen in the 1920's, live performance art began to fade. The Eden was first built as a brothel in the 1850's, new laws and ownership moved in and turned her into a saloon and casino in the 1870's. The Eden was caught in the middle of a dispute once again and this one claimed her life. In 1888 she burned to the ground. An idealistic entrepreneur decided to rebuild the Eden in all her glory and turn her into a theatre, a place with some real class, hoping to dissolve her old phantoms and bring her to life again. The theatre has changed ownership since then and the new times are taking a toll on this historic site. However, the Eden isn't going out without a fight including a few murders, a few celebrities, and some good old fashioned mobsters.
This game does have mature themes and is recommended for players over the age of 18. This game does not include singing. Some characters will only be given partial character sheets prior to game, with additional information being made available during play time. A Night at the Eden - where the past is guaranteed to haunt you.
20 to 36 players