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Larp: Sith Lords: The Dark Side

The force is the energy that all the universe is made up of. It exists in the smallest insects and it fills the void between stars. It surrounds us and penetrates us and binds the universe together. It has a dark side and a light side. Hundreds of years ago the force was balanced. A great lord of the Sith, the chosen one, Darth Vader eradicated all but two of the Jedi who in their sanctimonious way had run rampant and overwhelmed the balance with hundreds of knights while their balancing dark counterparts were limited to only two; a master and an apprentice. Vader and the Emperor were killed by Vader's own son and the Jedi believed that they had destroyed the Sith forever. They were wrong. The Sith survived and now they are strong again and many in number. They are poised to burst forth once again. Tonight the Lords of the Sith will meet to decide how they shall take command of the weaklings that the rest of the universe has become. Will you be among them? Sith Lords deals with a number of disturbing and mature subjects and themes. The authors strongly suggest adults 18 and older only sign up for this game.
20 to 21 players